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 Sugar Scrub = Day at the Spa

I want to be real and honest with you.  I am a mom of 3 girls.  Even though they may be getting older my time is still not my own.  Going to the bathroom alone is definitely a rare treat.  Why is it that even the DOG has to come find me when I am trying to take a pee.  REALLY?!?  I barely have time to think for myself.  I mean between running my own business, keeping up with all the kids activities, appointments, fundraisers (actually don’t judge, but we don’t do school fundraisers. That will have to be a separate post in and of itself sometime), running a household, cleaning, and then picking up a few shifts here and there at the hospital, I don’t have a whole lot of “me” time.  Shoot I don’t even know where I am half the time.  Hence the reason why I call myself “Total Wonder Mom,” not because I have it together but because I wonder what the heck I am suppose to be doing all the time!!

So I am not your average crunchy granola mom that loves DIY projects either.  I just don’t.  I have to say I have totally gone crunchy granola but I am not typical in that I don’t LIKE DIY.  I choose to not spend my time making things that I can purchase anyway.  But that being said there are a few things that I have broke down and started making.  Sugar scrubs are one of those things.

Now up until this last summer I had never even tried a sugar scrub, which if you are like me and have not tried one yet, TRUST ME YOU NEED TO, because YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!  Why are they so great?  They make your skin so incredibly soft.  ALL my girls fell in love with sugar scrubs, and if you have ever purchased sugar scrubs they can be very expensive.  They can range anywhere from $12-$65 a jar.  So I decided to try to make some of my own and OH MY WORD, it was EASY and EVERYONE loves them.  They literally make all of feel as though we have spent the afternoon at the spa.

So today when I was able to have a little time alone in the bathroom, I decided to make it my own “spa day” at home, because let’s face it as moms sometimes that is as close to a spa day as we can get.  I peed in private and took a shower, shaved, and used my sugar scrub (which by the way the makes shaving your legs so EASY and they are smoother than you could ever get with a shave gel).  That to me relaxed me and made me feel so special.  I literally had the feeling as though I had just spent an hour in the spa doing the “bath ritual.”

So to all of you mama’s out there that can not make it to the spa but want the feeling of being at the spa, try this sugar scrub recipe.  I have not met a person yet that did not love it and it literally takes less then 5 minutes to make and clean back up.  Think about making this for Christmas presents for your teachers, siblings, friends, they will ALL love you.  TRUST ME!! Just click on SHOP to purchase the essential oils you would like to use. My favorite combination is lavender, peppermint, and orange, but you can use whatever oils you prefer.


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