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(100pv ER Bonus)

Lime Oil:

This is one of my favorite oils to use in cooking.  We love lime oil in our Mexican dishes.  I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about limes going bad in my fridge.  I just add a drop or two of lime oil to our guacamole or salsa.  It also makes for a great added flavor for marinades for your meats.

Lime is high in antioxidants and when used topically it may help reduce age spots, support a healthy body temperature, and deter INSECTS.   When used aromatically it promotes mental clarity, stimulates creativity, increases energy, and elevates moods.  Lime oil when taken internally supports a healthy digestive system, aids in weight management, and boosts your immune system.  It is a citrus oil and therefore vey high in D-limonene.  Look that up 😉


(190pv ER bonus)

Peace and Calming:

AHHHHH!  The name says it all.  This oil is a favorite in our house hold, but to make it even better add a drop or two of orange in the diffuser with it.  Peace and Calming is a blend of oils that brings relaxation to overstimulated emotions and also to children with very high energy levels.  It is balancing to our mental status and our emotional status.

True story when I have this diffusing with orange in my home so many people comment on how much they LOVE the smell within my home but before they leave they literally will say, “It just feels so calm in your home.”  I just smile knowing the power of essential oils.   This oil is good for supporting occasional blues, nervous tension, active children that may need medication, and promotes a sense of inner peace.


(Any 190pv order)

Eucalyptus Radiata:

There are so many uses for eucalyptus oils. However not all eucalyptus is the same so Young Living offers three different species of eucalyptus. So what exactly is eucalyptus radiata good for? Eucalyptus radiata is great for supporting your respiratory system. Helping everything “flow” easily through your respiratory system from your nose to the lower lobes of your lungs. This oil is also used to support healthy joints, and also helps your body and muscles to relax after a hard workout. It is very soothing to the musculoskeletal system. Eucalyptus radiata is more mild than eucalyptus globulus and is a lighter scent as well.


(Any 250pv order)


Juniper oil is a purifying oil both physically and spiritually.  Due to it’s purifying properties and the ways in which oils get into our blood streams, Juniper is a great oil to support your blood and circulation throughout your body.  It is considered a tonic.  It supports the liver and kidneys as a purifier as well and helps remove toxins from the body.  It is also know to help promote oral health as well.   I am telling you to google all the benefits of Juniper as well as all of the oils that are free this month.


(Any 300pv Order)


This is a powerful oil for blondes like me.  NO JOKE!  If you are needing to be able to focus and needing some mental clarity in your life than you are going to want to use this oil.  My husband does joke around with me and say that if I start to use Clarity, Common Sense and Brain Power that my hair might turn brown.  Diffuse this when your kids are studying for a test and then have them wear it in a diffuser necklace or bracelet when taking their tests.  Clarity oil blend enhances oxygenation to the brain and promotes mental alertness, clarity, focus and enhances memory retention. Who doesn’t need that?!?!  (This is a hot oil and one that you would want to dilute if putting on topically)


(Any 300pv order)


HANDS DOWN THE BEST OIL ON THE PLANET.  Please comment below if you are like me and hit the panic button when you do not have extra Thieves on hand.  Please leave a comment with your favorite uses for Thieves oil.  I will share with you some of the many reasons we love Thieves in our home.  I love the way it supports our immune systems, and keeps us healthy ALL YEAR long.  I love the way it promotes HEALTHY teeth and gums.  I love the numbing effect that clove brings to my throat when I have been cheering too loud at my children’s sporting events.  I love the way in which it keeps my children’s feet healthy even in all the sports and nasty shoes that they may wear. Or, when I feel a little tingle in the corner of my mouth that lets me know that I am about to have a very sore lip, thieves boosts my immune system and keeps all that at bay.  Plus by using all of the Thieves Products that Young Living has to offer we have been able to eliminate so many of the harmful chemicals from our home.  To learn more about the harmful chemicals that you may have lurking around your home check out Chemical Free Living.

*Qualifying orders must be placed within a single order.  And in order to qualify for the free Lime and Peace and Calming your order must be placed as an Essential Rewards order. 


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