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Weekly Update December 18, 2017


Hey everyone this is going to be short but sweet.  Last week I did our team meeting call in our team 15ml Living Group and attendance and participation was better than on zoom.  So this week on Wednesday night at 8:30 we will be doing our updates and team meeting in there again.  🙂

Second thing I am looking for breaking up the week and asking different leaders (any rank) to help out and commit to posting in the group one day a week.  I will explain more on Wednesday night.  But looking for you to put a couple posts up in the group and just skim through the posts for the day to see be sure there are not harsh comments being made and that questions being asked are being answered.  If you don’t know the answer just be sure to tag me or someone else so that we can guide them.  The posts do not have to be compliant as this group is only for members on our team so they can be information driven, testimony driven, or oil humor.  So let me know if you think that you would be interested in helping out with that.  The more people we have help that less the work load.  🙂

So Thursday’s class in Grow and Learn with 15ml Living is going to be about the business opportunity with Young Living. I am going to be going over simple business strategies and also going over transfer buying and breaking it down for all of you.  This is one class that if you know someone could use some extra cash you want to get them to this class.  This is the KISS theory.  We need to stick to simple so that people feel that they can duplicate it.

Then really the last thing that we have is our Slique Challenge with Transformation Thyme Be sure you are registered.  I am telling you the slique capsules are AMAZING.  I have ate like crap not exercised and I am STILL losing weight.  It took a couple months for them to reset my body but now……I am still losing weight, through these holidays!!  So don’t wait til the first to place your order.  You really need to order them now so that you can start on MONDAY JANUARY FIRST!!!  I mean come on How much better does it get? Sorry I love fresh starts and I look at Monday’s as fresh starts each week.  This is a SATISFACTION GAURANTEE what do you have to lose.  Buy one of the kits and use it every day for 60 days, if you are not happy send the Empty packages back and your account gets full credit back.  YOU CAN NOT LOSE.  Okay so you can LOSE WEIGHT.  That is it!  Here is the link to the YL Slique in 60 Day Challenge.

Have a great Christmas Everyone and I am going to for warn you that there will not be a blog post with updates next week as it is going to be crazy but just know that if you join us on Wednesday evenings for our team meeting in 15ml Living (link above) you will get all the details.

Also I will try to keep updates in 15ml Living on Facebook so be sure to check them out there and share with your teams.


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