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No Pain No Gain….I Understand!!!


So I was just going to post this message in one of my closed groups for weight loss and motivation. However I felt that I shouldn’t limit it to just that group. If I can inspire one person to go after something they are fearing it will MAKE my day. I LOVE to inspire people to be their best. Don’t get me wrong I know exactly who I am….the Hot mess mom #Totalwondermom. But I do work hard and I have learned a few things about myself in the last few years. Some of you know this and some of you don’t, but 17 years ago in November of 2000 Nick and I were in a HORRIBLE car accident. We are both very blessed to be alive. I was driving a little Toyota Corolla and we went Head on at 60 mph into the side of a F350 pick up truck. We ended up completely separating the bed from the front of the truck. Nick was knocked unconscious and broke his back in 3 spots, and I broke my femur, blew out both of my knees and was bleeding internally. I lost over 50% of my blood internally. We both had fluid in over 50% of our lungs (Nick’s lungs were filled 80%). So oxygen exchange was NOT good. They used the jaws of life to get us out of the vehicle and it took A LONG time to get us out. I remember being transferred to the hospital by ambulance and the pain of riding in the bumpy ambulance was EXCRUCIATING!! They wanted to transfer me to Madison and I said I could not take that long of an ambulance ride again (I was in Mauston at the time). My mom was telling me I had to do it to avoid dying in surgery with a doctor that did not have a real good reputation. I turned to her as they were getting ready to take me back to surgery (they had even taken me in to see Nick as they were not sure I would make it through surgery), my mom looking on me with total fear in her eyes, and I said, “Mom you did not see the car, if God wanted me now, he would have taken me back there.” It was what she needed to hear and it was the truth, God had WAY different plans for me. I have had multiple surgeries on my legs since then and I was actually in physical therapy through all of those surgeries for over 3 years.
Why am I sharing this with you. Because back in July I decided to start running. Probably 10 years ago I wanted to train for a mini triathlon and within 2 weeks it was so painful for me to even get up the stairs, that I said, “That is it, I can not run, the pain is too much.” and I quit. That has been my story and my EXCUSE.
However, something hit me back in July, I started running, I had to make up my mind that I was going to push through my pain and my fear of causing more damage. Just to be clear like I have said before, I run 1 minute, walk 1 minute, sometimes I run longer but it is always in intervals of walking and running and never more than a minute in between my running. Sometimes I walk less than a minute, but never more. Within a week the pain started getting worse. I had a choice at that point. I could say, “yep I am right, I can not run, this is too painful,” or I could keep going. I increased the oils I was using, I increased the amount of agilease I was taking and I kept going.
Why? Because I have many friends, family, and team members, people in general that watch me that have a significant amount of weight to lose or just truly want to get in shape but they struggle with PAIN. They say they can not do it because it hurts too much. If I quit because of the pain then how can I be an inspiration to them? How am I helping them? I needed to lead by example. I needed to press through. I needed for people to know that I GET IT!!
There are so many things in life that we DO NOT pursue because of #PAIN and #FEAR. I am telling you that I pushed through my Pain and the fear of doing more damage to my knees. I do still have pain in my knees, I am not going to lie, but I am down 15-17 pounds (it depends on the day, let’s face it I am a woman and our weight fluctuates). My #Weightloss Feels incredible! To put on a pair of jeans and realize that I didn’t even unzip or unbutton them to get them on is CRAZY!! I made up my mind I was going to do some small things for myself and be CONSISTENT (consistency is a struggle for me). I did it, it is #HARD, I am #continuing to do it and I know that you can do it too!!
If you say it hurts you to run then #WALK…..#Everyday. If you say it hurts to walk then start somewhere and walk 1 block and the next day walk 1.5 blocks. #START! You can do this! The feeling on the other side of the pain is #TotallyWorthIt! I DO UNDERSTAND!!!
What pain is it that you are afraid to endure? What is it that you want to start but are letting excuses stop you? What is it that YOU WANT from life, but You are holding yourself back with excuses? #Stop the excuses and think about the inspiration that you can be to others!! If you start making the small changes people will start watching you and be #INSPIRED by you! You are worth it! Your #dreams and #goals are worth it! I don’t care what this pertains to in your life whether it be weight loss, work, hobbies, dance, music, writing a book…..What is it that you #WANT? GO DO IT! START TODAY! BE the #INSPIRATION to others!! I hope that you will watch this 5 minute video and be inspired. I love you all and I hope that this helped inspire just one person today to go get started. It is worth it! The pain is worth it! #15mlliving #weightloss #pushthrough #Youcandoit #NoPainNoGain



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