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Safety Tips When Using Oils

  • Always dilute when starting out (apply to a more sensitive area like the inner forearm first to check for sensitivity).  Even though most of Young Living oils can be applied neat (without a carrier oil) you want to do a small spot check first.
  • Some oils are considered “hot” oils and should always be diluted, such as cinnamon, clove, thyme, oregano, lemongrass, Exodus II, thieves and even peppermint to some is too intense.  
  • Dilution ratio for infants up to one year of age is 1-3 drops in 1 tablespoon of carrier oil (V6 vegetable oil by Young Living)
  • Dilution ratio for children ages 1-5 is 1-3 drops in a teaspoon of carrier oil (V6 vegetable oil by Young Living)
  • Never put oils directly in your eyes, apply to the boney parts around the eye and then cup your hand over eye and let fumes permeate the eye.
  • If oil ever gets in your eyes do not flush with water, but rather,  rub a carrier oil around your eyes and eyelashes and blot dry.
  • Never put oils in your ear canal, apply around the ear and in the well of the ear but never directly in the ear.
  • If an oil seems “hot” or irritating be sure to dilute it with a carrier oil, NOT water.  Oil and water do not mix and it will only make it worse and press the oil deeper into your skin.
  • If using an oil for a condition on your skin, then you will always want to use a carrier oil,  as it will slows down the rate of absorption and allows the essential oil to remain on the skin longer.
  • Use caution with citrus oil and bergamot as they cause photosensitivity and increase your chances of burning when in the sun, read the label it will say avoid the sun/UV light for 12-48 hours if it is known to cause photosensitivity.
  • Always use stainless steel or glass when consuming essential oils, as the oils will break down the petrochemicals in plastic.
  • As with all things, when pregnant or nursing please advise a health care professional that is skilled and trained in the expertise of essential oils.  Oils that some woman avoid or use in moderation are clary sage, sage, fennel, Idaho tansy, hyssop, wintergreen,  and jasmine as well as blends and supplements that contain these oils.
  •  A little bit of oil goes a long way!  So a little is good and a lot is NOT better.
  • Check out Young living’s blog on safety and how to use essential oils with our dogs and cats.


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