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Playing the Lottery Gives you Freedom to Dream


Have you ever watched people as they purchase lottery tickets? Watch their body language, their faces, or listen to their words. They are excited, they are hopeful, they are able to DREAM!! They have spent $2 to be able to give themselves the opportunity to TRULY DREAM without anyone thinking they are CRAZY. With that $2 they are able to dream about paying off all of their debt, going on vacations, buying a new car or maybe buying their first home. They think about being able to be FREE. Our society teaches us that it is stupid to dream big and that we are to be realistic. The world squashes our big dreams and tells us that they will never happen so to “think realistically.” Yet when someone pays $2 to have a 1 in 292 million chance at winning, they are able to “acceptably dream.” Think about that feeling that comes over you as you think about winning the lottery. It is exciting! You think anything would be possible! You smile. Your heart might even skip a beat. I am asking you to TRULY think about winning millions of dollars and what you would do with it. When I started with Young Living I looked at the various ranks within the company and the average monthly income earned at each rank. I remember looking at the various ranks and stopping about half-way up the ranks and saying “WOW!  That would be awesome to make that!  That income would make such a significant difference in our lives!” I was “baby dreaming” because of course, the monthly income at the upper ranks was “not realistic.” So when I said that it would be awesome to be ranked as a Platinum within the company, my daughter said, “That is Stupid! Why would you not be Royal Crown Diamond?” (Royal Crown Diamond is highest rank within the company). I realized that she was TRULY DREAMING. She was Dreaming big. I responded with, “Well honey, that is so RARE and that hardly happens to anyone, so I am being realistic.” Really I was giving myself and EXCUSE as to why I would not be one of the top ranked earners in the company. So I realized later as I began to work and build a business, that really, the choice in how far I go is up to me. I can either teach my kids that we settle at “reality” or you shoot for the stars and you Dream big. Does this mean that it is going to be easy or that I won’t want to quit sometimes. NO. But I will always think about my three girls around me, Dreaming BIG about their mom hitting Royal Crown Diamond and that moves me to NEVER QUIT, to keep working hard until I hit Royal Crown Diamond. I will be the example to my kids to DREAM BIG, to NEVER settle for “reality,” and that all things are possible! I never thought I would be where I am today, a little over two years into this business. I thank God EVERYDAY for the blessings that have come with that. So where am I going with this…..I realized that I was given a GIFT. With my job I am able DREAM EVERY DAY!!! Things that I NEVER thought were possible are now not a matter of if they will happen but when. I teach my kids and anyone I can, to DREAM BIG! God did not give us the ability to DREAM to have us say, “It is not possible.” We are able to have choices in life that we can either watch things happen or make them happen. We can either make our dreams come true or make excuses. People, if you have a DREAM, GO AFTER IT!!! Let your heart beat with excitement! Don’t give up. Have a strong enough “why” as to why you want that Dream. If the “why” brings tears to your eyes, then it is strong enough that you won’t quit. I just shared my “why” with all of you. I will not teach my kids to give up on their dreams and I will be the example to them. What are your BIG DREAMS, the “UNREALISTIC DREAMS?” GO AFTER them today! you don’t need to spend $2 on a lottery ticket to Dream!! I was given a gift that allows me and many others to Dream big everyday and so can you!


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