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Policies and Procedures For Your Dreams

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Okay so I realize that this may seem like a weird title, but please just trust me on this, and keep reading.  I was listening to a motivational speaker today and she was talking about different things that we need to do in order to be successful in life and to reach our dreams.   As she was speaking the thought hit me, “We need to have our own set of POLICIES and PROCEDURES for ourselves.”  So let’s just take a look at the definition of Policies: “Principles, rules and guidelines formulated or adopted by an organization to reach it’s long-term goals.”  Procedures: “Specific methods employed to express policies in action in day-to-day operations of the organization.”  “Together, policies and procedures ensure that a point of view held by the governing body of an organization is translated into steps that result in an outcome compatible with that view.”   businessdictionary.com

So what the heck does this have to do with you?  Well, how many times do we make excuses for ourselves to not do what we are supposed to do? As Dani Johnson says, “Excuses are just well thought out LIES.”   I know that on days when I get up and exercise and read my Bible and start out the day the way I should, my day goes MUCH better.  We need to look at where we are in life right now and where we are headed.  Are we headed on a path that is destined for us to reach our goals or are we destined for the same-old, same-old, or worse yet a path of destruction?  We MUST have a vision as to where we want to go and the work that is involved to get there.  Without that it is like picking a destination and then just hopping in your vehicle without ANY clue how to get there, and driving aimlessly in a direction, hoping that we will make it.  If we are truly going on a vacation or to a certain destination we have a timeline of when we are leaving from our starting point and when we are planning on arriving at our destination, we know the direction in which we are headed and the path we will take to get there.  I know that in order to achieve our goals we must have a timeline.  Therefore all goals must have a timeline, and a plan of action to achieve that goal.  We need to figure out our goals and our timeline, as well as the work and tasks that are involved to get there.

Once we have figured out our goal we need to figure out our WHY.   What is our WHY that keeps pushing us forward?  Once we have figured out our “WHY” everything else will be put into a different light.  We will be willing to take risks that once were far too dangerous for us to take.  For example, take a 20 foot plank and set it on the floor.  If I told you to walk across the plank and I would give you $100 you would walk right across the plank.  No risk, and the benefit of the $100 is totally worth it.  Now if I took that same plank and put it between two building 10 stories up in the air and told you I would give you $100 to cross it, you would probably say,  “NO WAY!! IT IS NOT WORTH IT!”  Now same scenario with the plank in the air, but on the other side of the plank, on top of the other building, are your children and that building is on fire.  You would cross that plank to save your children without even needing to be enticed by any amount of money.  Your “WHY” was stronger than the risks involved and you would not give up on your “WHY.”

Now let’s go back to Policies, “A guiding principle used to set direction in an organization, they are clear simple statements in how you intend to run your life and business.” Policies are formulated to help you reach your goal. Policies are like our compass that guides us to our Destination.  Our policies encompass our values and make sure that we are not compromising what is important to us, never letting us give up on our “why” or stray from the path that leads us to our goals and dreams.

As for our procedures, “A procedure is a series of steps to be followed as a consistent and repetitive approach to accomplish an end result.”  Our procedures will either make us successful or they will make us fail.  We need to be consistent in our daily tasks to stay on course for reaching our goals.  It is the little things done daily over and over that will eventually reach HUGE results.  It is the compound effect.  If you have not read that book by Darren Hardy I suggest it.    What are the procedures that you are going to put into place to ensure that you reach your goal?  Whether it be getting up and praying each day before you get out of bed (I am all about trying to start out positive at the beginning of the day so that I don’t get sucked into all the negative.), to calling people in your downline, writing blog posts, reading books to better yourself (Your organization will only grow as big as you are yourself, you need to keep growing as a leader in order for your team to grow.), booking “X” amount of classes per week, or getting out in the public and not going home until you have handed out so many business cards or samples, you MUST be CONSISTENT!!!  What ever it is, DO IT, and do it EVERY DAY, sometimes multiple times a day.  As you do it more,

it will be easier to continue doing as well.  What once was hard and difficult will become easy, you will master the daily skills needed to succeed.  You will know the procedures inside and out and you will be an unstoppable force in whatever you have set your mind to accomplish.

I encourage you today to set up your own personal Policies and Procedures.  Every successful company has them and I believe that every successful PERSON that desires to accomplish their dreams shall have them as well.  I hope that you are encouraged and inspired to keep moving forward and to go after your dreams.   Have a great day!!!




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Kathie Lake

Wonderful Post. You are so focused and doing so well, I truly admire your growth as a person, a mother, a wife and a true leader. Thank you for the encouragement and direction you have helped me with.