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Success Is Found In Your Leap of Faith



I am sitting here today feeling EXTREMELY BLESSED!!! I wanted to write this blog today because it is February 29, 2016, LEAP DAY!!! Why is this significant to me? Because it is making me think about the word, “LEAP” and what that means to me.  In thinking about that, I can only feel absolutely incredible about the journey that I have been on for the last two years (technically not EVEN two years).  I chose an adventure that I didn’t really KNOW much about. Infact, it was one that I had watched MANY people try and fail.  So at first when handed the same opportunity, one that I thought might work, I was AFRAID!  I was AFRAID of failure, AFRAID of the unknown, AFRAID of letting people down, AFRAID of looking like an idiot.  Yet I JUMPED!  I took the Leap of faith and I jumped in.  I didn’t look back.  I definitely have hit some bumps along the way, I have thought about quitting, and I have even thought that I have gotten in over my head.  But truly, I have not!  I have learned so much about myself and the possibilities that this life has to offer.  I am so extremely grateful for my family and friends who have been encouraging me and supporting me along the way.  Some have even decided to take the same leap of faith as I have. My hopes for all of you is that you too, will JUMP,  and take a Leap of Faith into your success this year.  I am not just meaning for you to join my team and come along with me (although that would be great), I am meaning for you to have success in all areas of your life, from your marriage, to your family, to your health, to your job, whatever area (if not all areas) that you are seeking success, that you take the leap of faith needed to achieve your own success.

In March of 2014 I purchased my premium starter kit of Young Living Essential Oils.  I was ADAMANT that I would NEVER do the business end or be sucked into any Network Marketing company.  By April of 2014 I was IN LOVE with the essential oils but terrified of the business side of Young Living.  I spoke with my husband (the one person that I truly look up to and ADMIRE for being someone who has achieved so many personal goals himself) and he said for me to go ahead and try it but was VERY skeptical.  April 20, 2014 I made my leap, I held my first class in my home, and it was a GREAT class much to my SURPRISE!!  From that time I have worked EXTREMELY hard, and I have pushed through many obstacles, but I am starting to be able to DREAM bigger than I ever thought possible!!  Why?  Because I realize, that I too, can have the life that I want and that through hard work, consistency, and dedication ALL things are possible.  Today I have over 730 people on my team!!!! WHAT?!?!!??  I am looking at last year as a year that has been filled with trips all around the world, meeting incredible people, changing our family’s future and health along with the health and future of many other families. I LOVE my JOB, I LOVE this ADVENTURE.  I am GRATEFUL for my LEAP OF FAITH. I am excited about the “leap” forward this year and all the growth that is going to take place within people’s lives.




What if I had not taken that Leap of faith.  What if I had let all of my fears stop me?  Those thoughts sadden me.  I would not be living to my fullest potential but rather a day to day life.  Fears can be debilitating, IF you let them be.  Failure can stop you, IF you let it.  Excuses can change your destination, IF you allow them.  Your future and your life is TRULY up to YOU.  Don’t let ANYONE tell you different.  Choose to have success in your life!  Choose to break through your fears that are holding you back!  Choose to not use excuses!  Choose the life God has meant for you and the life you DESIRE.  It is all in YOUR CHOICES and it is up TO YOU.  TAKE THE LEAP of FAITH.  What ever that may be to you, TAKE IT!  OWN IT! LIVE IT!  You will not regret it.  Let this not just be a “leap year” on the calendar but let it be YOUR LEAP YEAR!!!!




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Kathie Lake

What an exciting, moving, motivating read!!!!! For all of us looking in from the outside, it is time for us to “Leap” towards using our given gifts; whatever that may be. Well written Emily, Watching you grow in these last two years has made me a very proud Mama. You are an inspiration to me and to many others. Leap year is a good time to JUMP in and go forward.


Thank you for sharing your story! I know what you are saying is true, as I have experienced this type of faith before 🙂 And you’re right, fear can be debilitating, but I have found that it can also be a great motivator as well.. (fear of complacency). Keep up the good work, your blog is very inspirational!