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Dare To Dream Then Do It by John Maxwell Chapter 7

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone. “We forfeit three-fourths of of ourselves to be like other people”–Arthur Schopenhauer.  Yesterday we discussed working with our strengths.  Using our strengths more often then our weaknesses to succeed at reaching our dreams.  Now today we are talking about moving out of our comfort zone with our strengths.  All too often we become comfortable, we don’t stretch ourselves to reach new heights.  Maxwell states, “If we stay in our comfort zones we will never achieve anything of value. Our dreams lie out beyond the horizon.”

What you should know about the comfort zone:

  1. “In the comfort zone most of the game is played…….It’s the place you must start before you try to make it to the end zone.”
  2. “In the comfort zone people often lose interest.”  When things never change and people aren’t challenged, they get bored.  Deep down, most people desire adventure.   I must say this is true for myself if I end up doing the same thing over and over, I get bored, I lose interest and momentum.  So if I drive all of you nuts because I am changing things up, it is not intentional.  I PROMISE.  I am still learning the balance between consistency and changing things up.  I am a work in progress people so stick with me.
  3. “In the comfort zone, mistakes are not as costly.”
  4. “In the comfort zone, opposition is not well focused. People are often relaxed, giving you the opportunity to get moving first before the competition picks up.”
  5. “In the comfort zone, victory can not be achieved. If you are in the comfort zone and want to win, you must do what does not feel natural.  You cannot stay comfortable and achieve victory.  There is no guarantee that you will achieve it if you leave your comfort zone. But if you never leave your comfort zone, you are guaranteed NOT to achieve it.  I am sure that some of you have seen the Steve Harvey clip of taking a leap of faith but I have to add this here.  So if you haven’t seen this you need to watch it.  If you have watch it again.  Okay, or if you want skip over it, but I LOVE this.

“God will help you be all you can be–all you were originally designed to be.  But He will never permit you to be successful at becoming someone else”–Joyce Meyer

Don’t envy what others have or wish to be like someone else.  Use your strengths, dig deep and pray for guidance and a clear vision, as to how to use your strengths in a way that will help stretch you as a person.  Instead of envying others go after your dreams.  Make it your goal in life to live in a way in which people will LOOK UP TO YOU.  Be the person you want others to be.  Be the leader you wish your leader or mentor would be.  You go after your dreams and step out of your comfort zone to make your success happen.   “Be brave enough to live creatively. The creative is the place where no one else has ever been.  You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition.  You can’t get there by bus, only by hard work, risking, and by not quite knowing what you’re doing.  What you’ll discover will be wonderful:  yourself.”–Alan Alda

Homework:  I leave you with the ten questions Maxwell says to ask yourself before leaving your comfort zone.

  1. Who else has done it?
  2. How bad can it get?
  3. How good can it get?
  4. Can I first “try it on for size”
  5. Is there room for error?
  6. Does the past say “yes”?
  7. Is there enough momentum to make it?
  8. Do I believe in myself?
  9. Do I believe in my team?
  10. How Clearly has God spoken?


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