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Book Club: Dare to Dream by John Maxwell


Well I want to start by saying WELCOME!!! I am excited to get this Book club started. I am wanting to read books about being successful and focus on books that will help all of us grow as individuals and as leaders. That is my goal and hopes for this year. Dare to Dream is a quick read that will do just that. I Hope that all of you have purchased your book at this point but if not that is okay, you still can follow along, and hurry up and order yours on Amazon (http://amzn.to/1K8tean).

I will be going through this small book slowly but I really want for you guys to read this and take in all that it has to say. Get a little post-it notepad ready because you will want to copy many of these quotes down and put them throughout your house. So…..Let’s get started shall we!

I want to begin by telling you what I thought about Dreaming when I was growing up. I did dream, that is for sure, but I always thought that dreams were just that….Dreams. I thought that it was really another word for a fantasy in which the likely hood of it happening were 1 in a million. “So you’re saying there’s a chance,” sorry that is my Dumb and Dumber quote for you. But really that is how I felt. I didn’t think that Dreams were things that you set out to make happen or strive to reach. However I love what Robert Kriegel has to say about dreams. “A dream is an ideal involving a sense of possibilities rather than probabilities, of potential rather than limits. A dream is the WELLSPRING of PASSION, giving us direction and pointing us to lofty heights. It is an EXPRESSION OF OPTIMISM, HOPE AND VALUES lofty enough to capture the imagination and engage the spirit. DREAMS GRAB US AND MOVE US. They are capable of lifting us to new heights and overcoming self-imposed limitations.” I have learned so much in the past few years, but the biggest thing that I have learned is “what we put our minds to accomplish TRULY IS POSSIBLE!” I am not saying it will come easy and that we won’t fail a few times trying, but we can do anything that we set our minds to. That being said let’s jump into the introduction.

I want to go over and quote some of the things that are in this introduction and chapter one. We all have dreams deep down inside of us. What are your dreams? I want you to really think about your dream, if you could do ANYTHING what would it be?

“Most people don’t achieve great dreams. They give up. They fall short. They get off track. They SETTLE!!! Or they dream too small.”

“Only two things stand in your way: dreaming it…..and then doing it!”

Have you ever truly DARED TO DREAM? “If something is within your apparent reach, it isn’t a dream. If you wouldn’t have to stretch beyond what you think is possible, then it isn’t a dream. Bold Dreams change you as they change the world around you.” Truly as we start to pursue our dreams the world around us changes. The way we look at things, our relationships and interactions with others changes.

What are the things that are stopping you from REALLY DREAMING? Is it failure, is it criticism of you by others, or maybe you just don’t know how to pursue your dreams? Let’s look at the first one Failure. Failure is only failure if you let it stop you. Failure is no more than a learning curve for us to learn from and help us move forward towards our goals and Dreams. Second let us think about the criticism that we may we receive. When we are dreamers pursuing our dreams those who aren’t will criticize us. To truly dream is to live. If they aren’t dreaming and living they are going to be jealous of those of us who are. You need to let the comments roll off of us like water. And lastly just taking the steps to dream will take you further then most of the population. So DREAM and DREAM BIG. Don’t let fear stop you.

I am going to end with the difference between Dreaming Big and Day Dreaming as it is described in chapter one. I LOVE THIS!! “Daring Dreams can be great things, but there is a definite difference between Daring dreams and Day Dreaming. One fires you up and moves you forward. The other is nothing more than wishful thinking.”

Daring Dreams                 VS.                    Day Dreaming

Relies on Discipline                                      Relies on luck
Focuses on the Journey                              Focuses on the Destination
Cultivates healthy discontent                       Cultivates unhealthy discontent
Maximizes the value of hard work                Minimizes the value of hard work
Leads to Action                                           Leads to Excuses
Creates momentum                                     Creates inertia
Breeds Teamwork                                        Breeds Isolation
Initiates                                                         Waits
Embraces Risk as Necessary                       Avoids All Risks
Makes You Responsible                              Makes others Responsible

Dream Big, be inspired, be motivated, build yourself up, be a benefit to those around you, and as you move closer to fulfilling your dreams it will bring you closer to who you were born to be.

Homework: Write your dreams down on paper.